In my work as a director, I am drawn to stories that explore our interpersonal relationships.
As a human being who leads with joy, I seek to find the underlying humor in our collective experience. I think it stems from having been a very shy child and teenager. Humor was a way of communication that allowed bravery. In our current cultural landscape, I believe humor to be a vital “delivery system” for so many of the lessons/concepts/ subjects that cry out to be more widely discussed. Storytelling has always been the heart and soul of our society. As we move forward into a changed world, it is more important than ever. How we tell our stories is every bit as important as what we have to say. I am blessed to work in a wildly talented, culturally diverse, furiously intelligent and passionate community of artists.
Together, we will continue to uncover and illuminate our collective humanity, one story at a time.
ACID WASH LOVE by Chambers Stevens
Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019
Directed by Victoria Hoffman
Cast: Laurent Sayer, Maitlyn Pezzo (Dirt) and Bethany Nava
The plot twists on a timely yet timeless topic of seduction and manipulation were so funny!
The writing and performances in this show are outstanding. One of the best plays I’ve seen at the HFF in a long time. I was engaged the whole time and the acting from all three performers was top notch. This was a last-minute decision to attend. Go see it. You won’t be disappointed.
It’s funny, it’s cheeky, it’s REAL! So many moments had me thinking back to my time as a freshman in collage. Stevens has written a fantastic play that really turns stereotypes on their head and challenges our conceptions.
Presented by Celebration Theatre
"Equivalent of Sensation" written by Arianna Rose
Directed by Victoria Hoffman
Cast: Jen Albert, Alina Phelan, Nicola Bertram, Lauran Dewey
HIDDEN SPACES (Parody of Hidden Figures)
Directed by Victoria Hoffman
Cast: Nadia Wit, Elizabeth Adamczyk, Linda Michaels, Craig Robert Young, Jefrrey Nichols and Nic Henry
Awarded ’Best Direction’ for Victoria Hoffman, 'Best Female Actor' for Nadia Wit, and 'Best Screenplay' for Jeffrey Nichols
Watch the full film here!
Pasadena City College 2019
Written by David Hirson
Directed by Victoria Hoffman
Cast: Carson Lambing, Garrett Lasource, Akela Musney, Chris Barrios, Max Behrens, Carson Lambing, Sharisa Whatley, Natalie Martin, Aaron Yu, Jessica Sobiegraj, Jeffery Gibson, Grace Burr, Angela Valentin and Troy Rutherford
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