An accredited teacher, Victoria is currently an adjunct professor of theatre at Pasadena City College, was on staff at Beverly Hills Studios for five years, covering Improv, Commercial Acting, and Audition Technique for children and young adults.
Many of her former students have gone onto thriving careers, namely Mila Kunis (That 70’s Show, Black Swan), and Efren Ramirez (Napoleon Dynamite, Crank). She also has an extensive background in Casting and Producing. A ten year veteran of the Commercial Casting Community, she has assisted and directed on-camera and voiceover casting sessions for offices such as Terry Berland, Francene Selkirk-Ackerman, Martin Casting, Cathy Carlton, Arlene Schuster-Goss, Joe Blake, The Voicecaster, and many more.
I just wanted to thank you for being such a great teacher, you made me feel so good when I went into the audition! - Nicholas Bechtel, General Hospital​​​​​​​
Ms. Hoffman is organized, dedicated and very kind to all the students. Her positive energy rubs off on everyone, and this creates a safe and supportive learning environment. - Grace Ting, MD
Thank you, thank you! It's been busy the past few month. He really took a lot from your coaching. Boy, has it made a difference!!! He just booked two different pilots on FOX! Now we just gotta hope that they get picked up - and he's got two national commercials set to air any day. We are so proud of him. - Julie Bechtel
As a returning college student in my 30’s, it was a blessing to have the opportunity to explore and peel back my insecurities while on stage. With Victoria’s class, there was a shift in my acting which contributed to my confidence in taking the risks that I did in my debut production as Flute in Midsummer's Night Dream. For allowing space on the stage, I am indebted. Thanks, Victoria! - Clay Ngo
In my home country, Taiwan, we don’t have such good theatrical resources and an environment for people to pursue acting as a career. I didn’t know acting could be my career option until I was 24 and could study here in the U.S. This class is my final opportunity to learn in America. I am glad that I have attended Professor Hoffman’s class. I’ve learned so much, and I know for sure it’s going to change my future. - Wai Chen
Working with Victoria was a dream! With an almost holistic approach to the world of productions,Victoria leads her students through all aspects of theatre with importance and joy all the way through. From dramaturgy to set design her actors are brought along the journey and educated on all things theatrical. And she still manages to direct and put on a good show? I mean come on! The amount of care, consideration, and fun she brings to everything she does is truly admirable and a view point I wish every theatre student got to experience. - Amelia Munsey
I so appreciate of this class!! It was awesome. The comedy and the challenge. Definitely made me learn a ton and made me open my eyes on how to become a better actor…Improv was for sure one of my favorite courses I’ve ever taken, and challenging. Thank you, Victoria. - Chazz Escobedo
I am more confident in myself as an actor at the end of this semester. I can take material and shape it without total reliance from an outside source and know that I have the tools to be a professional actor. - Patricia Eyerman
I have been in the film industry for over 6 years and have worked with numerous coaches from multiple states. Victoria is undoubtably in my top three favorites! She has a perfect balance of positivity mixed with the necessary amount of critiques in order to enhance every scene and character! - Thea Saccoliti
This is a highly competitive business. It is also imperative to remember that it is, more importantly, FUN!
I create an inclusive environment that supports and brings out each client’s natural abilities and personality. We work to uncover what YOU bring to the party! Then I shape and direct/tweak your audition to make sure we have mined every moment we can out of the text. Casting offices want to be able to imagine you on set while they watch your audition. They WANT you to be the one – then their job is done! We break down the script to make sure you understand what’s happening in the scene, we identify the tone and style, we look at your choices and make them as interesting and varied as possible, and then we send you to your audition with complete confidence.
Make sure to bring a second set of sides for me.
Bring or e-mail me the complete Character Breakdown you received from your agent, with all the character descriptions and story line included. Whenever possible, try and read the entire script or all the sides posted at Actor’s Access. The more information we have, the better!
Research the show: go to IMDB to get information on the writer/directors. If new to you, watch an episode on Hulu or YouTube to get the overall tone.
Introductory rate for your first session.
Can't get out of the house? I'll come to you!
There are three options: We work out of my studio in Eagle Rock/Mt. Washington; if it is local, I can come to you, or, with enough notice, I have space in Hollywood I can book for us. I will e-mail you directions at the time of booking.
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