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In my work as a director, I am drawn to stories that explore our interpersonal relationships.


As a human being who leads with joy, I seek to find the underlying humor in our collective experience. I think it stems from having been a very shy child and teenager. Humor was a way of communication that allowed bravery. In our current cultural landscape, I believe humor to be a vital “delivery system” for so many of the lessons/concepts/ subjects that cry out to be more widely discussed. Storytelling has always been the heart and soul of our society. As we move forward into a changed world, it is more important than ever. How we tell our stories is every bit as important as what we have to say. I am blessed to work in a wildly talented, culturally diverse, furiously intelligent and passionate community of artists.


Together, we will continue to uncover and illuminate our collective humanity, one story at a time.

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