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As a working member of the Los Angeles Intimate theatre community, we wear the collective mantle as artist activists, tasked with telling stories that reflect the world around us. It is an intensely collaborative community. I have had the privilege of working alongside so many of my fellow artists and creators as both a performer and director. The addition of casting was a natural one. I have a twenty-year background in Commercial and VO casting here in LA, so the process is in my DNA.


Having worked alongside so many of our performing artists and seeing anywhere from 70-100 plays and readings throughout the year, I have a unique perspective when suggesting actors to directors and producers seeking my expertise. It also allows me to recommend exciting, trained, seasoned actors to up-and-coming filmmakers to help their stories truly land.


As the current Manager of Casting at the AFI Conservatory, I am doing exactly that. I take great pride in being uniquely situated to assist in the creation of theatrical families, of film tapestries, and of finding the  right voices for our stories to sing.


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